Thursday, June 30, 2011

Color coded threat awareness update

This is a better link with some extra info:

Color coded threat awareness

I found an article similiar to the link below several months ago. After reading it I determined that I had been doing this kind of thing my whole adult life. I don't know why. I've jsut always been a little hyper-aware. Ok... maybe I was just untrusting and leary of some folks. However you want to say it, it's just good sense. I had my 9 year old daughter with me the other day as I went to Wal-Mart. As we walked through the parking lot I thought it might be a good place to bring up the topic and use the parking lot as an example. Not only did she get it but several days later she told me a story of actually using it at school to avoid some kids causing problems. It was the "AH-HAH!" moment every parent dreams of. So...I surely didn't come up with this concept. I'm not sure of its origins. I do know that it works. I'll post the link I found and will repost the original story I read when I can find it. Oh yeah...y'all have a good 'un.

Everything's tactical

I found this pic the other day. It just goes to show that everything today has to be "tactical". Although I will admit that when the kids were smaller, a cooler tactical Dad bag would have been nice.

Awesome. Have a good 'un.

The puzzle pieces keep dropping together

So now that you've read that one it makes yesterday's post seem even more important, huh? I'm not trying to be a told-you-so but dang, China doesn't have to whoop us with tanks and planes. They're doing it the easy and smart way; with the money.

This is the part I don't understand: If my family has to live off of what the wife and I bring home, then why doesn't the Federal Government. Talk about bringing home the bacon. I come in with a pound or two every week...barely(and I keep the grease for GRAVY). The Gov'ment walks out in the pen and tells the farmer he'll pay him back with interest, big interest, like HUGE interest. Then he loads up every pig the guy has, takes it home, slaughters and cleans it, throws 20 or 30% of it in the garbage, gives another 20-30% to someone who supposedly can't afford to buy their own bacon for breakfast(come to find out they already had sausage in the freezer, along with a steak) who in turns wastes most of it, and then maybe uses the rest to eat, maybe. I know this is the long way around the block but do we not all see the waste? AGGGHHH. I'm not sure my Senator gives a crap. Does yours. I'm just saying. Anyway...mull that over and we'll talk again soon. Y'all have a good 'un.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How dare you, sir...

I want you to read this link before we venture any further on this discussion. (waiting). Got it? Now, I say: How dare you, sir? Seriously? You're scolding Congress? What a self serving community organizer. Instead of cutting the budget we're going to raise Hell about not raising the debt ceiling. Does anyone else see where this is going or am I just losing my mind? Oh well. Y'all try to have a good 'un.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Couldn't have said it better...

I just read this post from a blog called PACNW Righty. I followed off of a link from Rural Revolution blog. I don't usually just post someone else's thoughts, but damn did he hit it on the ol' proverbial head.'s the link and read up. Good stuff. Oh, yeah...y'all have a good 'un.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Political incorrectness.

I love PIC. That my friends is political incorrectness. Now don't get me wrong; I in no way, shape or form tolerate bigotry, but the PC train in 'merica has gotten a little out of hand. Take for example the following pic I pulled off the net:

You can clearly see the writing on this guy's shirt. It says,"Trample the weak, Hurdle the dead". I kinda' like it. It's definitely the spirit in which I want the warfighters protecting me to have. But...I've seen this on Facebook and all the little bleedyhearts had a fit. Seriously? Is bleedyheart land where you want to be when the boogyman shows up at the doorstep? But...we  have to mindful of the big PC, right? I have a whole folder of these litle ditties on my computer and will add some more but will forgo the usual chatty banter and will let you chuckle to yourself. Y'all have a good 'un.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Figure all of this out...

The basics of this bloggin' are fairly simple, but it seems to be the auxiliary stuff that's killing me. Oh well, I'll figure it out somehow. I was listening today about the unemployment rate. It seems the gov'ment can't figure out how to produce jobs. Well, here's a little idea. Quit choking down on the little guy with taxes and such. How can a small business survive with the tax man(that includes state, city, and federal), EPA, and whoever else with their hand out? Small and medium manufacturing is being murdered by the so called "concerned" government. Why wouldn't the big corporations bailout when the EPA, who has no master, starts squeezing them so tight with insane requirements that they have to leave or quit? If there are manufacturers, then there are jobs. If there are jobs, people buy and spend more. This makes the shop keepers happy, they pay taxes from sales, and it all just gets better and better. I hate to be the voice of reason here because I can promise that I didn't take business or economics in school, but I grew up around a family business and can do math. Therefore...QUALIFIED! Oh yeah, why don't we have a flat tax? I don't want to put all of the accountants out of business, but we would still need number crunchers no matter what. There would be no exemptions, just a flat 10%. I'd put my paycheck on it that the feds would come out on top. Oh well...that's enough of that. Y'all have good one and stay safe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, here goes...

Well, it's been a long while since my last post. I recently read a blog called "Standing outside looking in" and it has made me want to jump back in. So...from here on out I'm going to be rambling on about whatever extra stuff runs out of my head. Sometimes it will be guns, sometimes the current state of our flailing nation, sometimes it may just be about life in general. Basically, whatever pops out. You may find a stray cuss word and for that I'm sorry. I grew up around it and sometimes it seems the only way to get the severity of the point across. I may not post every day and I may not be able to answer every comment, but I can promise that I will do my dangdest to TCB(take care of business). I will use some acronyms and will eventually get some sort of dictionary up to help the uninitiated out some. I also like to drop the funny story in once in awhile. I hope nobody minds. Anyway...let's get this goat rodeo a rollin'.