Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's all down hill

I know, I know. I haven't blathered about anything since February, and since this is my "therapeutic diversion", I reckon I ought yack about something. Well' I guess I can say that I recently turned 35. Holy Shit. Where has time gone? I distinctly remember just waiting until I turned 21 so I could go out and legally get sloshed at my favorite college waterholes. If you'd told me then that I'd have a wife, three kids, a mortgage, 1 car payment, 2(3 really)jobs, and huge amounts of responsibility I would have probably spit up my 32 ouncer of beer up all over some nice person's shoes. Now...don't get me wrong. I love my family and life more than most, I'm sure of that. It's just's not something that you think about while laying out your best smack to some little coed at 2am. "Wife and kids" were words used by the guys I worked with that to be quite honest, went right through the side hole in my head and out the other. Now I stand around and laugh with co workers about how my middle child likes to whoop up on the oldest, or what type of Barbie game I'm to be included in tomorrow night after work. It is funny though, when you realize that you're growing up. I remember thinking that I was beginning to tire of living in a college town, and wanted someone around to love on full time. That is when I was lucky enough to find my dear wife. It was sort of an epiphany. What's worse is that now when she and I are lucky enough to get away from Daddy's little heathens, to a party or such, we're pooped by midnight and are ready to go home. The evening will probably end with a kiss, hug and a "love you" followed shortly thereafter with snoring. Now 10 years ago, the same evening would have ended with the two of us going at each other like drunk monkeys in heat. Ain't it a damn crying shame that youth is wasted on the young and dumb. Oh well....there is the rant for today. Oh yeah..............Thank God that the iphone is out now so that women in large SUVs will have something else to divide their attention. That way they can use the touch screen to call or text for help when they wrap their vehicle around a tree as it rests upon some poor guy in a wheel chair.