Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall is coming, hear the birds?

Well, here we are again. Fall is growing near and the familiar sounds of the season start rushing back. The cockled call of the loud mouth , sap sucker UT fan; the ear piercing and droning tone of the crimson nosed UA fan; and we can't forget the repetetive warbling chant of the chuckle headed Florida fan. As you may gather, I hold a special place in my heart for these fair weather ya-yas who run their cake holes incessantly during the season. When they win, their team is the best product that money and steroids can buy. When they lose, God forbid, the coach sucks, his wife is a skank, the mascot should be shot, the players put on the rack, the cheerleaders sent to a bordello, and the guy that cuts the grass should be run over with his own mower. Oh yeah, it's a building year too. Sound familiar? I wish these fans would just go with it and enjoy the Fall and ball season for what it is. It is a time to have fun and tailgate with the boys. Enjoy the only time of year when it is socially acceptable, and an obligation, to drink beer before 10 am. The smell of brats and burgers burning on a $10 grill you bought at the convenience store. These are all good things. They should be relished. Instead, there is always some loudmouth sack of crap, pulling for a school that he or she didn't even have the grades to get into. Oh well, those of us who can take a ball game for what it is will drink one for those of you, who will next week be red faced and screaming with a coronary over the fact that the QB's stats are 3 yards off of last year's matchup. We will also be avoiding the moms driving monster SUVs and talking on cell phones while we try to cross the street. GO TEAM!