Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting of my duff...

I recently received a notification telling me that the Homestead Lady had left me a comment on my blog. I said to myself "what blog?". Oh yeahhhhhh, the one I haven't been on in a pretty good while. So, thanks HL for reminding me that I owe y'all a big update. Well, here it is. She's feeling great. The Doc said her 10 hour surgery went as well as he had hoped and, that as far as he was concerned, the cancer was gone. The return home was a rough one. Three weeks in an out-of-town hospital are nothing to six weeks with an unhappy wife at home. We definitely had a couple of humps in the road and a couple trips to the local docs for other related post-surgery issues, but all in all, she's a champ. Everyday is a new milestone that we are grateful for.

I can't thank our friends and family enough. We've had an outpouring of grace and it's eased the pain  tremendously. The fact that a stranger will go to the effort of sticking money in our bank account is still so very foreign too me. Simply put, I've been humbled beyond all belief. I told my wife that the toughest part is that I can't be grumpy anymore. I feel that I now have to go out and help others; that's tough to do with twenty one years of public service under your belt. I've seen it all, my friends. From the richest to the lowest. It has definitely jaded me; I  will be out doing good deeds for a while. Still not gonna smile though...

Life on the farm is busy, and with doing double duty for a while, things have fallen to the wayside. I've had to get myself moving again and get ready for winter(and a truncated hunting season); battening down the ol' hatches, if you will. The kids have gone through all of this like little soldiers and I couldn't be prouder. Good grades and mostly good behavior. I am worried at some point though, that they may try to start using some of the tricks I've taught them(fighting dirty, booby traps, etc)on each other. So much for sisterhood, huh?

I have been reading my fellow bloggers; not as much now as I used to, but believe me-I'm still lurking. I will say that the blog roll was a main form of entertainment while sitting in a hospital room for all those weeks. For that I am thankful. As far as my blogging, well...I know. I suck. Sorry is all I can say. It's been hard to get back into to it. While there is a huge amount of liberal bashing to be done theses days, I have found that all it does is raise my BP and give me a headache. I had to back off. I promise I'm still one of you, just not so loud as of lately.

Thanks for caring and thanks for asking. We're good and hope to get only better around here. So that's the news. I promise my next post will be something more educational, cheerful, entertaining, etc. Let's be honest-I'm no Stephen, or Duke, or any of those other guys;)  Take care and y'all have a good 'un.