Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry and Welcome...

I just wanted to say sorry for not having been around much lately. Work has taken over lately; trying to catch some OT and have been teaching some outside classes as well. Money...y'all know the deal. I logged on today and was pleasantly surprised to find a new tag-a-long on my merry little wagon train of blogging; so, welcome to SciFiChick. I was even more surprised to see a blogger of her staure reading anything by a dumb ol' hillbilly such as myself, so go check her out over at Bacon and Eggs. She is a little ol' Texas girl that writes some good stuff. Thanks for following, M'am. Y'all have a good 'un.


  1. Awwww, don't make me blush! Thanks for the shout out though. It is appreciated. I'm just glad to have found your spot in this big ol "Blue Nowhere" we call the internet!

  2. No prob. Thanks for stopping by.