Wednesday, October 12, 2011

$100 can still get you something...

This week DSW(dear sweet wife), the girls, and myself went to the store to restock. The latest guff about Greece and the EU has me a little concerned, plus winter is just around the corner. So off we went to Aldi. It is a discount grocery store that carries off brands that you usually don't see. I guess it is like a Sav-a-lot or something similiar. Anyway, a good friend of ours is a coupon monster and compares all the local stores on a regular basis; at any given time she can tell you who has the best sale on item X without even thinking. She told us that Aldi's tends to run about 20% cheaper than anyone else, even without coupons. I wanted to stock up on some meat and such(my wife doesn't think like a carnivore, so I had to go!). I planned to spend a hundred bucks just for the sake of comparison. This is the list of items we got:
24-boxes mac and cheese
12-2 qt cooking oil
4-cans roast beef with gravy
6-canned hams
2-jars chicken boullion
2-jars beef boullion
12-containers of salt
6-vacumn packs of tuna(same amount as the cans, but flat)
2-5lb bags of navy beans
2-5lb bags of pinto beans
12-cans chili w/beans
4-cases Ramen noodles-assorted
4-boxes instant mashed potatoes
2-bottles adult vitamins
2-boxes allergy/sinus meds

Not bad for an hour's work. I know some of this seems random, but it was stuff we needed. A lot of it is long term, like salt and oil, but even then I think we could make out ok for a little while after adding this to our stash. We also have a bunch of canned vegetables, fruit, and rice stocked up, along with peanut butter and some "nice-to-haves" for the kids like gum and hard candy. I feel a little better, and can't wait to got to our main grocery store and try the same thing. Even with coupons I don't think I could pull it off. I hope your larders are full and your powder is dry. Y'all have a good 'un.


  1. I'm glad you are preparing.... it's coming.

  2. you got all that for 100 bucks! That's amazing. Even if I drive all the way to North Carolina to the wholesale grocery outlet store I can't do that well.

  3. That is great. How do you store your Ramen noodles?

  4. Matt- I don't wish fot it, but I know you're right.

    Arsenius-I kept a running tally to fit my purchases into the 100 dollar frame. I could have opted for some different stuff, but thought that these things fit a good cross-section of needs for every household. It was also stuff we needed for restock. Try doing a search for Aldi's or a Sav-a-lot nearby.

    Flier-right now they're sitting on shelf, but soon I'm going to have more 5 gal buckets to stuff them into. I also have some conainers(1.5 gal?) that a friend gives me. They are from the health store and contain pure whey for working out. I want to try them for that kind of thing also.