Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Marines...

Just found a link to a vid with Col. Ollie North. He is interviewing the folks that fly the Marine Corps' newly deployed version of the AC-130 Spooky gunship; it's the KC-130J Harvest HAWK. They took a regular old transport and hung hellfires on the wings and shoot Griffin missles out the back ramp; all for close ground support of their fellow Marines. Man...I'd always heard the Marines make-do with whatever they can, but these guys are on the money. Crazy ass Jarheads will hang a gun or a missle on anything. I say this with complete Hillbilly approval. As the son of a grease monkey, I really can appreciate the masterful art of jury-rigged apparatus. Give 'em hell, fellers.


  1. Adapt, and over come.

  2. Flier-so true. I'm proud for them. It's about time they brought in the heavy hitters.