Saturday, October 01, 2011

GO NAVY....Beat Army!

My Family has always served in the Navy. So in honor of Navy's pretty doggone cool new uniforms:
GO NAVY!  Beat Army!


  1. There are football teams not in the SEC? How odd...

    Navy is my favorite football team that isn't LSU.

  2. Just to rabbleize for some fun. I'll go with Army. That's what my nephew would of wanted.

  3. Silly swabbies. Don't you know football is played on land?

  4. Mudbug-yes...there are teams other than the SEC, although they rarely play well or win championships!

    John-I think I hear an old squid-good man.

    Flier-no problem. I'll take that kind of competition anyday.
    God bless to the nephew.

    Tin Can-as a current serving member of the Armed Forces-thank you. As an Army football fan, well...sorry for you. LOL

    Thanks guys, see you around.