Sunday, October 23, 2011

New worries...

As preppers we all know the "usual suspects" that would trigger the type of world we plan for. EMP, economic collapse, nuclear, biological, solar corona, etc. After reading this article, click here, I am definitely worried about a newer one, rogue computer hackers. As a late thirty-something, my generation was on the bubble as far as computers and the tech-age. I remember the Commodore 64 my Mom bought for us, after saving up for a lonnnggg time, and how I could barely use it. Now, an iPhone has more computing power than all of NASA for the 1969 moon landings.  Today I use computers in my life everyday; I never have "embraced" tech like some, though, I still hate texting and think it's a waste of my time. So...hackers are something that makes me think of nerds drinking Red Bull and Pop Tarts in their parent's basement somewhere. I've always read about the military and US government using them to secure our own systems and even as an offensive weapon against enemies; I just never thought of hackers as someone trying to topple governments for the fun of it. Well, here we are in late 2011 and now I'm thinking about it. Yet one more worry to add to the bad side of the little scale in the back of my mind; the one that I'm always trying to balance with more beans, bullets and band-aids. I know, I think, a governmental collapse due to rogue hackers will bring the same consequences as a economic collapse, but who's to say. If some virus shuts our computing systems down will it be a longer rise back to the surface? Who's to say? It's just something I never really worried about(except Y2K) and now I wonder if we're going to have to start launching Black Ops against some kid named Maynard with a bad complexion. (No offense to any hard core computer types out there-please don't make my system meltdonw like Chernobyl-it's a really crappy computer as it is)
Anyway, y'all have a good 'un.


  1. Good post. this is something that we should think about.There have been companies here and there with computer issues lately, Wells Fargo is one of them.

    Several of my family have direct deposit for their pay. They take it out of the bank as soon as they can. First to avoid fees and then in case the ATM go down.

  2. Thanks, Rob. I'm sure others have considered this topic more than I have, but I'm a bit of a techno-phobe. I hope your preps are going well.