Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Found another one...

I have to be honest-I don't talk about prepping at work or with most friends. They just don't get it. I have one guy I work with on a regular basis who is on the same playing field and we share ideas and info all the time. One of my best friends knows about my preps, but doesn't really worry about the future; I can't force it on him I guess, although I worry about him and his family. I talked to my sister a while back and it freaked her out some. She asked if I was one of "those nuts" and the conversation ended. She called me back a little later, apologized, and said she did in fact understand, but that it was a little much to handle all in one shot. I agreed and have been easing her into it as of lately.

I did find a new ally the other day and it re-enforced my belief that I am not a nut and that we are out there, just under the surface. I worked some OT with a different group of guys and we got into a conversation about the economy and I dared to venture into the topic a little further. Next thing I know, this guy says he thinks there is going to be a collapse and is showing me some of the websites he references. BOOM! Another compadre! To be honest I almost slapped him on the back and asked him where he'd been all this time. I just felt so relieved that there was another one of us around. In the past when I had mentioned anything about preps to co-workers, especially Y2K, I heard nothing but laughter. So, to meet someone who is actually ahead of the game was overwhelming. This guy makes me look like a little girl. He apparently is full blown; they make their own bread, can every week, and has pallets(plural) of dried food ready to go. Before I left we traded numbers and info and are going to be sharing ideas with each other. I guess this isn't really a big deal in the scheme of things, but it sure made me feel better about what I'm doing. Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover, I reckon. Thanks for listening. Y'all have a good 'un. 


  1. I am glad you've found some like minds. I'm reading more and more how that it will "take a village" to get by during a collapse and that the loners are going to wish they weren't.

  2. That is great. There are more people than we realize out there. It would be neat to know how many people are prepared. Course, there are people that do not want any one to know. And that makes sense also.

    So, stock up on more beans. And let her rip.

  3. My wife is constantly saying how glad she is that I am not the only crazy one. We have a nice couple we are good friends with that have the weapons and food, but we have more food and infrastructure set up.

    It works out great. It's nice to have online pals with like minds, but to randomly find a like soul in person is so much better.

  4. Matt-I believe you are correct, my friend. It will take more than I know. I'm working on it.

    Flier-you're right. There may be some staying low, but as Matt said, it's going to take a village. I wish we were all close. Everyone head for the Redoubt states?

    Bug-you are absolutely correct. It was nice to find another like soul in person and not just floating out in the ether. I'm working on the network...

    Y'all be good and thanks for the comments.

  5. My hubby and I can totally relate. We know of people who think they are aware of world events, but think it doesn't pertain to them. I was at work the other day and a coworker borrowed my pen and when she gave it back I mentioned how the new credit union name on the pen was so similar to "Solyndra" and how I thought that was unsettling. She and everyone else at the table just looked at me, save one person who laughed and whole heartedly agreed with me. No one else had even heard of Solyndra. Honestly, our country is asleep and if you even mention world events or even OWS, you get a nod and a change of conversation. How do we wake people up?

  6. Rose-to be honest I have lost my faith in a large segment of humanity. The "doopy-do dumbly dee I'll just bump along" attitude and mindset is just driving me nuts. I see it everyday in my personal and work life. As much as I hope against it, the only thing to wake folks up will be a crash of some sort. Then, sad to say, it will be the suffering that makes them see what they were missing. Sorry to be on the glass half empty side of things today; it's hard not to lately. Good to hear from you. Keep up the preps.