Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cool doodad for the week...

This is the second in the new series of cool items in the "getting ready" community. Today's item is the Deadwood stove. It is similar to a rocket stove, but without the insulation and extra weight. The company explains their reasoning for the design on the website. Checkout the video. I am saving my pennies. Y'all enjoy and have a good 'un.


  1. Thanks a lot. Now there is something else I can't live without. I'll have to save my pennies and get one of these for after the EMP hits!

  2. That's kinda neat, should be easy to make one similar.

  3. Swamp Dog-I know.I have the same problem. They are pretty cool.
    picking up pennies in the parking lot...

    Duke-It does seem so. I made a prototype rocket stove out of a small popcorn tin and two soup cans. I boiled a couple quarts of water in just a few minutes with some twigs from the yard. Neat concept.