Saturday, November 12, 2011

The only thing any man really needs to know...

For those shadetree preppers that are unsure...


  1. Nothing new.

    That was the only page of Civil Engineering 4035- Dynamics class.

  2. My Dad took a class that taught this. And he handed it down to me. I have this chart in my garage.

  3. That is the most brilliant flow chart I have ever seen. Thee is only three things that every tool MUST have WD-40, duct tape and bailing wire.

  4. Oh, now I get it....I need one of those charts.

  5. Bug & Flier-Ha! short classes. Sadly, I don't think engineering students today have this sort of practical knowledge.

    Duke- I'm going to try to buid a tactical rig around these items. I could be the group medic/hillybilly technician.

    Stephen-don't fib. I've read all your stuff and bet that there is a can of WD in every room. I've heard some say it is gun/knife/car repair in a can. As far as tape, how else are you supposed to hold the mag in a rifle?