Sunday, January 01, 2012


Several months ago I posted about keeping you head low and about displaying the Gadsden flag. Well, I just got another confirmation directly from the horse's mouth. DSW and I were at a friends house for New Year's Eve. At the party was a law officer that I know and respect; he is one of the good ones. I asked if he had ever trained, by DHS, what to do if he saw a Gadsden flag on a vehicle or in a similar situation. The first words out of his mouth were,"oh...that's the symbol of those self-sovereignty nuts." He then went on to explain and give examples of "those types" that had injured or killed LEOs. While I feel for the loss of his brother officers, I just couldn't get him to understand that those examples were in the minority and there was a whole other element in America that believe in and use that flag as a symbol of true patriotism and a dislike of the direction our great country is headed. He kept going back to the "self-sovereignty" argument and after trying to get him to understand, I finally gave up. I felt as if I were a little too close to revealing my true interest in the topic and that I was one of those "prepper" nuts. We had another adult beverage and talked about guns. An always popular topic in the South. Anyone can talk about that safely.

So, what's the point you ask? Do I just give up my rights and hide in corner? No. Definitely not. Be proud, but be smart. Just as we talk about not flaunting and being "all tactical" after the SHTF, be smart about flags and symbols. Don't draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. Blend in and remember the families that look to you. I know there are some that will say I am being over-zealous and that it is their Constitutional right. I agree that it is our right; I also know when to stand back in the crowd.  I just feel the need to pass on the things I've learned. Take it as you will and God Bless. Y'all have a good 'un.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” Gerald Ford



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  2. I look at it this way.

    I had a right to be out late last night driving on the roads. Did I? No, due to the increased chance of drunken drivers on a holiday/weekend night, I had no desire to risk my life. Would I have been wrong to be out.... Absolutely not, as it would have been my right.

    There's too many folks out there that think they need to be in your face with their rights.

    They show all their guns on their blog promptly followed by a diatribe of just how they plan to use them after the collapse happens. Most of them act like they have 'roid rage or something. Guess what, they're going to be the first ones that get a visit at 2am in the morning some day.

    If you want to be last on that list then lay low. Keep your own counsel. Don't advertise all your supplies, don't tell the neighbors about all your firearms. Remember, loose lips sink ships and it'll be their lips and your ship.

    Personally I don't let many folks in my home anymore simply because 99% of them can't help but run and gossip about people that are different than them.

    Hey, man, Great post!

  3. I agree with you and Matt. I firmly believe that one needs to be very mindful of what is said and actions taken. I have always been big on a low profile. See, but don't be seen.

    If you ever get to Disney World/Epcot, American Pavilion, Heritage Inn restaurant, up on the walls they have flags of the American Revaluation, they have the Gadsden Flag there.

    I would love to post it on my blog if I could figure out how to do it, and some others on the side bar.

  4. Good post, I have a Gadsden flag on the front and back of my vehicle and I drive on military bases as well. I have never had a comment from any official or been stopped by police for any reason since displaying them. I also have combat vet stickers and life member a NRA sticker as well. I think most cops (for now anyway) respect what they all stand for even if they are a little cautious. Who knows maybe they figure that is somebody they don't want to mess with for no good reason. Bottom line is I agree with you if it gets to attract too much attention and harassment I would rethink it.

  5. Did anyone see the report on fox this morning regarding the death of that park ranger out at Mt. Ranier?

    The VERY FIRST things Fox said about the suspect was that he was:

    1) a Iraq War vet &
    2) a survivalist

    This is what is being emphasized these days.

  6. BTW, your last 2 post are interesting, I put a link over from my blog.

  7. Gosh, guess my goose is cooked as I too have Gadsden flags on my truck, on a flagpole at my home, on my business, and should have one tattooed on my ass.
    I'm a veteran, proud of my country (not its government) and own weapons. What shall I do...I do agree, is isn't good to run about telling one and all your thoughts, intents, or what you've stocked away for that day. But don't allow the buttholes to scare you into a hole. Stand fast.

  8. I have nothing to add here because I do show pics of some of my firearms in use. I talk about my food storage and how to do it. I fly the Gadsden and the Bonnie Blue and refuse to take them down. I get some strange looks from customers that come over to buy animals and most think I am a little radical but I have what they want so they come back. One even said she felt safe here.
    According to the list of what makes you a terrorist, I am already a target for the 2AM raid by just having a blog that states I live off what I can reuse and raise.
    I agree with Matt and am probably one of the ones he was talking about. I know I should keep a lower profile but then what fun would that be.

    Great post and some really good comments.

  9. No, MDR I wasn't particularly thinking of you. In fact no one on my blog list particularly fits the group of people I was thinking about.

    I haven't seen any of you openly (or otherwise) call for a revolution, open rebellion, or overthrow of our current government, except through the voting booth.

    On a personal level, I don't care what flag you fly (of the ones in discussion here) or what you have tattooed on your backside. I enjoy seeing rooms of stored food and I enjoy gun photos.

    If you want to fly those flags, feel free. In some places in this country you can't even fly Old Glory anymore. I understand that.

    However, as I mentioned above, the media, and the federal government is, and already has, painted the war veterans and the preppers/survivalists as people who need to be watched.

    We are being watched even if only semi-casually, but after they go after the violent types, guess who's next?

    Why be on the list any higher than you have to be?

    I know some of y'all think I'm telling you to go hide under a rock. I'm not. I'm just suggesting that along with the other aspects of prepping that everyone think about how things are changing for the worse in the ways we are being watched and monitored. It's a fine line anymore, I know.

    However, there is an old saying, that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  10. Very true Matt calling for a revolution and describing how you plan to take out the government would bring up a very large red flag.

  11. Matt- Thanks, bud. I don't feel quite so paranoid. Thanks for the great comments and conversation.

    Rob-thanks also-hook up with Matt, he seems to be the go to for blogger questions. He's the man.

    Duke- I think as a vet that still travels on base, your base stickers and status may get you some slack, as cops are often vets. It's the young guys that take it all as gospel that I'm really worried about. Thanks for the reference. You're all right no matter what Stephen says! LOL

    MDR- Don't fret, Texas! I still wear my ballcap and wear my patch on my gear. As part of this little "family" we have, I just feel the need to make sure we're all aware and protected. I guess that's what makes me good at my job(hear my horn tooting there?)Please keep right on flying it proud, friend. Just know when to go incognito.

    Stephen my man...I knew I was going to get your dander up. I just like to hear you get a little bent. It does my heart good. After all-I got back to blogging after reading your posts. Same as MDR...keep it flying, Bubba. I read so much about the way the government is worming its way into our lives I'm starting to feel like that professor from the movie "A Beautiful Mind". The dots are starting to connect and it's downright scary. That's where all this comes from. I know you to be a pretty bright feller and will know when to go on the down low. Keep the posts rolling, friend.

    Thanks to all for the great comments.

  12. One of the things we used to covrr in the Army related to E&E and survival was "risk assessment"

    And sometimes keeping your head down is the course to follow.

    Matt-from the outside looking in, the government broke these guys but instead of fixing them, they fear them. No way to treat a man who signed a blank check for his nation.

  13. Thanks for the comment, PB. It kinda' goes along with the threat assessment post I did awhile back. check it out.