Monday, January 30, 2012

Vacuum sealer advice...

Ok, here's the deal. We just sunk a ton of money into a Food Saver brand vacuum sealer, bags, O2 absorbers, the whole shooting match. The only catch is the Food Saver sucks! And yes, I get the pun here, but really, it is a piece o' @@#$. We sent it back to Amazon after a week and a half of very poor performance. And before you say anything-yes we called the company and got some advice that kinda' worked. The real problem is that this thing would overheat(or just get tired) after a few bags in a row were sealed. We also addressed this and the company said to give a little cool down time. We did, and three bags later it was back to not vacuuming. We also asked around and this seems to be a common theme...the newer models are trash. So, that being said, anyone have any advice? Otherwise I'm going to have to unload a crapload of FS bags.



  1. which is probably why mine works so well...I have an older model. : ) Hopefully you will get the kinks worked out. : )

  2. hm, hit ebay and see if anyone's selling a used older model?

    Please update with your end result as I've been wanting a vacuum sealer myself....

    1. Ruth, the weston rocks. It is expensive, but works every time.

  3. You get what ya pays for...

    THis is a good one:

    It is what I will replace mine with when it finally dies.

    My Borther uses this to seal hundreds of punds of meat each year, as well as grains and such.

    CHeapies just don't have the duty cycle or the vacuum to match.

  4. My sealer is maybe 10 years old and I haven't had those issues. Is it defective? It sounds like it may be. Can you return it for a refund and buy another model or brand?

  5. Thanks, y'all.

    Rose- it is definitely not defective; just poor quality. I've found the same issues from other folks. Apparently the older ones are far more robust and reliable.

  6. I too have an older model and it works very well...don't give up on them. I really use ours a lot and love it.

  7. Thanks, Stephen. I guess I should REALLY thank you for the comment since you're all laid up and such. I'd send you some reading material but by the time it got there you'd be out. Are you reading the Union Creek Journal? If not, try it out. Great SHTF story in journal form. Link as follows:

  8. You could probably check other bag sealer brands out there which would help you get over your Food Saver dilemma.

  9. We did shop around and figured out that the food saver was the way to go(in our price range). We recently saved up and bought a weston. Let me be blunt: it kicks ass. It could vacum seal a battle ship in a garbage bag. I'm impressed. thanks for the comment.

  10. I'm going to buy a vacuum bag sealer in $80 budget. Could you plz give some advice? Thanks a million.