Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cool doodad of the week(month really)...

This week's cool doodad is something that I use in my other life. It is called an O-tool, or officially an officer's tool. It's what fire officers sometimes carry to perform emergency forcible entry while completing their survey of an emergcy scene.The other firefighters are getting ready, pulling hose, and donning gear; the officer walks a 360' perimeter and uses it to handle any quick chores on the spot. It's small, light, and extremely strong. I can tell you from personal experience that these are bad little dudes and can do some serious damage. I've often thought about items and tools I'd carry if I ever had to bail, and I can promise you this would be at the top of the list. It has a claw for popping locks and just general destruction, a pry bar end, and a pointed awl end for punching holes(very useful). This one comes with a shove knife which, with a little practice, is great for "opening " doors without a  key They are a little pricey($100), but worth it. Now if you're on a budget there are some other similar tools that I could recommend, and have used.

One is the Stanley FUBAR. It is a demo tool for construction. I have demolished both decks and houses with it and it really works. It has a good, solid fat handle, a hammer head for pounding, jaws for twisting or re-aligning beams, a pry bar, and a nail puller. Anyone with any experience can find a million other uses as well. It runs between $40-50 depending on size.

Another similar tool is the Dead-On Annihilator
bar. It has the same basic feature, except it may be a little lighter. I also has a wicked pry bar that is pinpoint sharp(be very careful) and a couple
of wrench heads for common bolts. The backside is very thin and could be used for chopping, in a destructive sort of manner. It definitely looks cooler than the FUBAR, but I'm not sure if it is really any more functional. The FUBAR is probably a little safer. They also run $40-50.

That being said, these are all useful tools. Weight is obviously a concern, but these tools are multi-purpose; a big consideration. Just think about something like this when packing a trunk bag or such. Something like this could get you or a friend out of a jam and, in a pinch, makes a great noggin' buster. Can you imagine coming at some supposed bad a@# with the Annihilator. He may just pee a little. So...just something to look at.
Y'all have a good 'un.


  1. Those are some mean looking tools, I bet a 'Hell's Angel' would get arrested with one of those.

  2. Duke-I reckon he could be a "part-time" Hell's Angel and contractor. You never know now a days.