Sunday, June 26, 2011

Figure all of this out...

The basics of this bloggin' are fairly simple, but it seems to be the auxiliary stuff that's killing me. Oh well, I'll figure it out somehow. I was listening today about the unemployment rate. It seems the gov'ment can't figure out how to produce jobs. Well, here's a little idea. Quit choking down on the little guy with taxes and such. How can a small business survive with the tax man(that includes state, city, and federal), EPA, and whoever else with their hand out? Small and medium manufacturing is being murdered by the so called "concerned" government. Why wouldn't the big corporations bailout when the EPA, who has no master, starts squeezing them so tight with insane requirements that they have to leave or quit? If there are manufacturers, then there are jobs. If there are jobs, people buy and spend more. This makes the shop keepers happy, they pay taxes from sales, and it all just gets better and better. I hate to be the voice of reason here because I can promise that I didn't take business or economics in school, but I grew up around a family business and can do math. Therefore...QUALIFIED! Oh yeah, why don't we have a flat tax? I don't want to put all of the accountants out of business, but we would still need number crunchers no matter what. There would be no exemptions, just a flat 10%. I'd put my paycheck on it that the feds would come out on top. Oh well...that's enough of that. Y'all have good one and stay safe.

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