Thursday, December 15, 2011

New weekly cool doodad...

This week's cool item is not neccesarily in the realm of "sexy" to your hardcore prepper, but definitely fits a "being prepared at home" niche. It is the Eco-i-lite.

These lights are a six bulb, rechargeable emergency light. They come in a two pack and charge by induction(no contact points) in their respective holders. These chargers plug into the wall and act as a night light as well(they can be set for on/off/auto). The grounded plugs on the charger/nightlight also rotate in case the plugs in your house happen to be upside down; a cool and handy feature for sure. The lights simply set in the bases and will automatically turn on upon power loss. This is also a handy little feature, because as we all know, when the lights go out is when we need to find the the dark. Kinda ironic, huh? They also have a two setting switch; on and strobe/flash. As an emergency worker I can tell you that this is an extremely useful feature. All my family members that own a set have been instructed to turn a light to the flash mode and grenade it into the yard in the event we have dialed 911. I can tell you from personal experience that this act could be a life saver during a serious medical emergency. Many people have no idea how hard it is to read, or even see, their house numbers at night. Some neighborhoods have no rhyme nor reason to their numbering system at all. A super bright LED flashing in the front yard would be just the ticket to help the rescuers find you or your loved ones. No matter what setting they are on, once returned to the base they reset and are ready to go again. As soon as they are lifted from the base they turn on, ready to light they way.

I've had my set for over a year now with no problems. They have been very handy during several power outages this year and I recommend them highly. The kids like the nightlight feature and they are just bright enough to light the floor without being too much. As far as batteries, they are sealed lithium and so far have lasted up to a few hours at a time(rated at nine hours). I am unsure as to the batteries' rated  lifespan. Mine came from Costco, but can be found on Amazon , etc. My in-laws and parents both have a set and to be honest it makes me feel a little better knowing they will have some emergency lighting when the need arises. So to be clear-I haven't been paid, nor am connected, to the company. I just happened to find some cool lights that I think are very useful. Let me know if you have any questions. Y'all have a good 'un.

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