Sunday, July 10, 2011

New stuff for the bag.

I came into a little money recently(don't get excited-it's all gone) and bought a couple things for the ol' BOB. That my friends, for the uninitiated is the Bail Out Bag. It also can be called a Bug Out Bag-whatever floats your boat. I have a couple of good fixed knives, even one I made myself from a file, but needed something a little bigger with some heft. In comes the KA-BAR potbelly.

I've been eyeballing this little jewel for a year or so and have watched the price go up as the reviews got better and better, so I took the plunge and ordered one. Best I can tell it's supposed to be a helluva knife; I'll give it a field test when it shows up and let you know how it does. I also needed a good light. I have numerous Wal-Marters laying about, but wanted something I could really depend on. Maybe even for EDC(every day carry). I ended up ordering the Streamlight Pro Tac. It uses 2-AA batteries instead of the exotic ones and has an LED bulb. The reviews were excellent and I hope it works out. It was only twenty bucks so what do I really have to lose?

Also, I watched a review on Amazon and Youtube by a guy named Nutnfancy of the Nutnfancy Project. If you ever need to check on the quality of a tactical item, gun, knife, LBE, packs, hell...anything, go check his page( He is a heckuva a guy and really seems to give a damn about the country and what's going on around us.
Anyway, today was short and sweet. Hope y'all  have a good 'un.

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