Thursday, July 21, 2011

How poor is poor?

I'm the kind of blogger that doesn't really want too much of my life hanging out there for anyone to read. I guess that sounds stupid seein' as how I post stuff on this idiot box on a routine basis. That being said...without divulging what I do for a living I'll say this-I routinely see the inside of peoples homes at all times, rich and poor. After 20 years in my job I've seen more than enough evidence to back up the premise of the article above.
Poor is not poor, today. Poor today means you don't have enough money to buy more minutes for your smart phone until Friday-on payday. Poor today means you don't get to eat out at McDonald's every night. Poor means you only have the regular satellite package instead of all the movie channels. I think most of us can agree. I know there are some bleedy hearts that will disagree. I have seen poor folks and know they exist, but I'm talking about the loud ones who complain so much. You know the ones. I 100% agree that the economy as of lately has put a hurtin' on some folks; some I know and are close to me. But...most of us are still able to eat and provide the basics. And this is all at a level that is head and shoulders above third world country poor. I've never been on a mission trip, but every friend I've ever spoken to after returning from South/Central America, Africa, etc. have said the exact same thing. Their poor is really poor. Their day to day survival is hinky at best. From clean water to basic nutrition is a day to day struggle. I don't think many of us could survive like that, much less the American poor. I hate to say I don't really have a targeted direction with this post other than lately I've really seen this premise stand out. I've seen some folks lately who thought they were at the tail end of the money train, but didn't really even know what that means. They were well fed, and I mean WELL fed, and privvy to all the awesome, super, gov'ment freebies that the regular tax payers would never get a shot at-cause you make too much money and work too hard! I apologize if this has turned into a rant, but like it says at the top of my page,"sometimes my cup gets too full." This is me dumping a little out. I'll post something a little more cheerful next time. So...thanks, and y'all have a good 'un.

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