Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Passing it on...

After being picked for the Liebster award, I am passing it on to what I believe are some great blogs. Five of them to be exact according to the rules, so here goes:

Mystic Mud-she's a tough Mom, raising a whole passel of kids, and doing it the right way on a Tennessee mountain

The Field Lab-this guy is an ex-New Yorker that lives out in the middle of  dusty Texas. A resourceful guy for sure.

Troublesome Times-Matt always comes up with the greatest news and is the one that makes me wish I had come up with half the stuff he does.

Zydeco Ranch-the Mudbug is an all around good guy. He's a Cajun trying to make it work out West. Give him a read.

Grandad's Corner-Flier is the greatest of storytellers. I have sat in front of my computer with my sides hurting and tears from the laughter. Do yourself a favor; go by and see him.

Y'all go visit these folks and have a good 'un. It'll be worth the time. I promise.


  1. Sorry, didn't see this coming. Thanks anyway.

  2. Hey! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the award:) xo ~ michele