Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thank God for pollen

Pollen. I know without it, life as we know would cease to exist. Now that I've said that let me go on to say how it really sucks. Besides being messy and keeping the family cars and house nasty, it is awesome to breathe. I really think that terrorists could use this stuff as some form of biologically advanced killer. I was lucky enough this week to develop a sinus infection from this lovely airborne destructo machine. The crap coming out of my head every morning was thick enough to use as mortar and apparently comes in a veritable rainbow of color. I have never been so miserable in my life (except for the two years I dated a particular girl in college). At some point in my over-the-counter drug induced haze I considered using a drill to tap a hole in my head to relieve some pressure. Thankfully fate stepped in and I passed out from the fever. Anyway......I guess I'll say it was almost as bad as women with cell phones in SUVs.

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