Monday, May 22, 2006

The nice customer service folk overseas

Let me begin with this--I am not a bigot. Please do not email me to tell me that I am. I have been dealing with Dell about a computer problem for weeks now. The people I have spoken to have been, for the most part, very considerate and patient. Even though most of them speak the king's english better than I do I think the thick accents and cultural differences get in the way. I have spent the majority of a 45 minute conversation asking" excuse me?" or "I didn't understand that". It gets a little embarassing after a while and makes me feel like a blooming idiot. I'm sure the Southern accent doesn't help, but even if the customer service department was in downtown Manhattan or Da' Bronx, I think they'd understand better. It is just that there is such a cultural difference. I spent 30 minutes explaining what a part time job was and why I could not be home to have a package picked up from home. After being reassured several times that it would be handled correctly(this was the third go around with customer service) I received an email a few moments later with the information completely wrong and 180 degrees to what we had discussed. Oh well that's enough about that. Maybe I'll ramble on women and cell phones again............................

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