Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Found some words...

The following is a response to an article that a female friend posted last night:

All right. Male perspective time: While I, on some level, see what the writer is saying, I think there is a simpler point. Young boys and teenagers aren't allowed to be males any longer. From a young age the rough and tumbleness of boyhood is being squeezed out of them like juice from a lemon. I will agree that young boys are exposed to movies and video games at a much younger age, but I myself(with nothing but a crappy Atari at my friend's house)used to run around the woods every day playing "Army". I read books about the SEALS and had a great poster of them slipping out of the water to do bad stuff to bad people. The same has been happening since men have been on the planet. Young boys will emulate their brothers and fathers, whether it's hunting or fighting. From the earliest age little boys point their little chubby fingers like a pistol and shoot imaginery bad guys from the seat of the grocery cart as their moms push them through the store. Flash forward-the same little boy is now told that he can't do that because guns are bad and he's scaring people. When young boys and men get into a fight at school they are both suspended and not allowed to get it out. There is this mystery chemical called testosterone that drives the male. Believe it or not it controls us to a certain point. Especially as a young teenager. I spent my entire year of seventh grade fighting behind the gym. I wasn't part of the in crowd and had to establish my rank. I did not fight for the fun of it; it was just the product of young men filled with angst figuring out their pecking order. Many of today's women(and men to my dismay)don't believe in this statement, but look around us. The world's countries have a pecking order, businesses have one, why aren't little boys allowed to figure it out for themselves? Even if some little stereotypical geeky kid gets in a fight with the school tough, and gets his ass handed to him, the tough has a new found respect for the kid and will leave him be. Presto-that kid's stock just went up. What's even more important, he just learned that he can be a man and handle his own business. From there on out the rest is gravy. It's those little testosterone moments that define a boy and help him be a man. No one will let a little boy be a man anymore; even our churches have gone soft. That's the problem and it will only get worse. As Phil Valentine stated,"our country is turning into a bunch of Honey Boo Boos." Well said Phil, well said.


  1. That is so right on. Kids need to be kids. Let them scrape a knee now and then. Let them get dirty. Having a fight or two, in school, was the norm, when I was growing up.
    I don't think kids know how to be kids any more.

  2. I'm with you, bud. I've pften thought they should just put a big set of gloves on kids and let'em go at it. Settled. Done. Shake hands. Thanks for the comment.