Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I know...

I know. I promised I'd write a bunch more about the new spread and my progress. To be honest, I just haven't had the time, nor the inclination. The days I'm not at work have been spent cutting, building, remodeling, cleaning, so on and so forth. It's been so hot here, down South, that I've been changing t shirts two and three times a day. I can't stand working in a soaking wet shirt while the humidity tops out around 1000%. At least that's what it's felt like. My new shop is coming along-finally a space where I can get some things done and build, repair, and create. The wildlife is plentiful around here-hoping to bust a doe or two this year. May even get the kids in on their first harvest for the freezer; they've been hounding me. I really want to post some pics of the joint, but I'm an op sec kinda guy and like being fairly anonymous. Just be advised-I love my new place. Quiet. Peaceful. Room to grow and the freedom to do whatever the hell I please. As corny as it sounds, I've been able to quit taking my prilosec. No more heartburn. Hmmm, you be the judge. Anyway, I'm still around and lurking in the corners. I visit you guys everyday and appreciate all the great writings. There are some out there that have been fighting the monsters under the bed. I feel for you and am with you every step. Keep your shoulders square and your head up. It will get better. You know who you are. Every day of work around here is, in some form or fashion, a prep for my family's future. Putting away for the dark times. So... I'm still putting around and am working hard. Thanks, and y'all have a good 'un.

We prepare, so we don’t end up at the Superdome…..

The enemy is pretty much anyone who’s going to get you killed, no matter what side he’s on.

I won't bow, I won’t bend
I won't break, I'll tough it out
I won't budge, I won't deal
I won't change, I'll tough it out
~Webb Wilder

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