Thursday, April 12, 2012


A big hidey-ho to my new follower, Kathi. Thank you, Ma'm. I appreciate you hitting the little button. I hope you brought a big plate...we love us some biscuits and gravy. Welcome to the table.


  1. Please forgive the ignorance of this culinary uneducated Englishman, but what, pray tell, constitutes "biscuits and gravy"?
    From whence I originate, biscuits are round or square things which one consumes with cups of tea. Gravy is a brown liquid served with roast meat, the juices of which form the basis of the gravy.
    As George Bernard Shaw once commented, "America and Britain, two countries separated by a common language".

  2. Love biscuits and gravy. I could it eat every day. Course, I'd look like the good year blimp. I like mashed potato's and gravy also. And, lets not forget chicken fried steak, and gravy.

  3. Kathi-welcome and thanks.
    Flier-I'd have a gravy IV if they'd let me.

    SS-Ah, my dear brother from across the pond. I wish I could just set you down to a big plate of biscuits and gravy and it would all be clear. Seriously though, in differnt parts of the US, the type of gravy may differ, but in the South(and I say that meaning we're the best part of the country)gravy served at breakfast is made from milk, flour, and some sort of grease-usually bacon or sausage. Then it's seasoned to taste with salt and pepper and applied GENEROUSLY over the top of what we call biscuits. I don't really know how to explain that except that it "shore ain't no cookie." Anyways, the quick explanation is this-take about 8 or 10 tbs of grease(sausage or bacon) and warm it up on low heat in a skillet, then add flour till it absorbs the grease and form a loose paste. Salt and pepper it some and slowly let it cook a bit. This is where the flavor comes from. Just before you think it may burn, add a couple cups of milk and continue to stir and cook slowly. After a while it will for a semi thick, brown/gray concotion of deliciousness. Pour this over the dough things we call biscuits and voila! You are now fit to fly the stainless banner. Good luck and give her a try. You could also serve it over toasted white bread in a pinch, cause we all know that the gravy is the important part.

  4. Sound good!
    I shall have to give it a try; might even have some fried slices of black pudding on the side!