Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bloomberg is a rocket scientist...

Bloomberg annouced that there needs to be tighter regs on all guns and that the latest rash of  shootings was because of Washington's failure to do so. Is he the only one that sees the major flaws in his argument? How often does that crap happen in Texas? Never. You know why? Because everyone is packing! I hate to be trite here, but if they get rid of all the legal guns, then only the goblins will have them. How does that help? Do you really think some gangbanger is going to walk up and turn in his "nine". I'm not going to continue on because that would turn into a rant and that wouldn't be fair to y'all.

ANYWAY...welcome to Jacked Up Glock Mom. She writes a mean blog over at Tales From the Clothesline. If you haven't ventured over there, give her a try. She has a great head on her shoulders and apparently has some boys, and we have a bunch of girls, the short story book awaits. Y'all have a good 'un.


  1. Hillbilly, quit stating the obvious. You are making the moonbats look bad. No criminals ever have guns. It’s only the law abiding citizenry that go nuts and shoot their evil guns. And of course, the knifings will cause all of us to turn in all of our sharp objects, and be subject to only having one knife in each house, attached to the counter with 2 feet of steel wire. And safety scissors. That will fix us redneck, red state, goat-raping, mouth breathing Neanderthals that need to be re-educate to adapt to civil, enlightened society. Or so they constantly tell me.

  2. Bug, I know, I know. I'm sorry. Sometimes I just want to reach through the television and jerk a knot in someone's tail. I sometimes have these mild come-aparts. I just knew the Arizona thing was going to come back to haunt us and then all these crazy shootings this week. BTW, did all these nuts coordinate at the local Democractic convention or something?